What makes a 'good' Women’s handball web site?

After looking at hundreds of Women’s handball club web sites, I’ve come up with a few guidelines of what, I feel, should be aimed for:

1) It's nice to be welcomed with a nice big photo of the current team – complete with names

2) A page of player portraits – with information – the photos should be ’large’, not tiny thumbnails. Some clubs have ’clickable’ tags on the team photo – this is fine.

3) Menu tabs should also be available in English (regarded as the international language of handball)

4) Names of players should also be in English, in addition to the ’home’ language (some Russian and Bulgarian club sites are quite difficult!)

5) A page showing the current league table and results

6) When we reach a new season, please don’t remove the ’old’ team photo and player details: keep them in an ’archive section’ such as Alcoa of Hungary does:
http://www.cornexikezilabda.hu/index.php?pg=210 It’s interesting for fans to see who played for the club in previous seasons, and nice for the nostalgia of ex-players too !

7) Please make your site ’easy’ and accessible: we want to see your club and your players – don’t remain a secret!

8) Even if your club is not big, such as Oltchim, Larvik, or Győr, it doesn’t mean you can’t have an impressive web site! Many clubs from the ’lower’ German leagues have great web sites!

I will attempt to regularly update this site with new team photos and new links as they appear, but, as you can imagine, it's a BIG task!

Best wishes,

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